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Acting stuff 

Reni had shooting for acting. Can you see the costume is matching with just dance.Yes ,Reni act like coming out to real world from video game. Tomorrow is World Cup for Just dance . Reni is going for moe moe Judge .It is whole Just dance week! Tha...

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Thanksgiving (^^) 

Happy Thanksgiving Angels!Pokémon Photos from last show.See you on 12/1 for Just dance World Cup 2019!

LINE promo 

Reni had shooting for “LINE” app holiday promotion today.and Don’t for get 11/17 this Saturday Reni’s show and 12/1 Reni will be Judge of Just dance competition. Always Thank you for support Angels!
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Just dance!! 

Heyyy angels!Reni is the judge of competition for Just dance! December 1, 2018 2:00 PM ? 6:00 PM EST 140 W 30TH STREET See you there!!

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ANYC after party 

Angels( ^ω^ )Reni will be here for Maid show.Come with your friends have birthday on the Nov(^ω^)Iet’s do Thank you for being born together!!

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moe meeting 

Reni had a moe meeting .See you soon Angels

captain Reni 

Reni captain meow meow Nyan Nyan
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