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July 4th 

Reni is in Hawaii for July 4th.Aloha(^ ^)


Dada( ・∇・)


Reni mouse in japan Tokyo Ueno for vacation nyan nyan ( ^ω^ )

new hair 

Renireni transformation before after and middle

Mother’s Day 

Eri Ko came to Reni’s house for moe meeting.She brought to me roses for early mother’s day .Happy Moe Moe Mother’s Day angels!Thank you Erika Chan.

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hair change 

Reni’s new hair youroshiku!

Liberty city anime con 

Erica and Reni had first moe meeting for Liberty city anime con Maid show.It’s gonna be in Times Square on August 17th 18th and 19th.Kitene.
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Pics from yesterday.Reni had lines.I came from japan with nothing including English 10 years ago .Now Reni is acting in English.If it inspires you my angels,Reni is very happy.Love Nyan!
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Valentin’s day 

Happy Valentin’s day Angels !Love Nyan Nyan!Reni is going to perform in Liberty City Anime con 2018 in August !Reni will revival for maid show in there!!!

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